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Enhance Your Rustic Design Style With These DIY Projects

by Kelly Corwen 06/03/2021

Rustic interior design style emphasizes homemade and reclaimed items. For the DIY-inclined, the style is perfect for enabling creativity and encouraging construction of unique pieces. However, handmade does not necessarily mean difficult or complicated. Here we’ve put together some ideas for rustic style furnishings you can DIY:

Pallet Headboard

When it comes to rustic DIY projects, reclaimed wood headboards are all the rage. Many tutorials will have you dismantle multiple pallets, sand and stain the planks and then reassemble them in the style of wood paneling. This is an excellent way to create a headboard, but you can also keep the pallet’s original construction and shape to use as well. In fact, having the empty slats in the headboard provides fun opportunities for whimsical additions like string lights, trailing plants or even just the easy addition of metal brackets.

Thorough sanding is crucial, as is staining the wood. Pallets often have numbers and words printed on them you’ll want to sand away for a clean surface. Then, choose a wood stain in a color and finish you prefer. Depending on the size of the bed, you may need multiple pallets, so it’s always important to measure carefully and source some extra wood just in case.

Wooden Crate Floating Shelves

Smaller wooden crates can make excellent floating shelves when turned on their sides and attached to the wall. Wine crates are a convenient size to work with as are milk crates. To create shelves, you’ll need to sand the surfaces carefully to avoid splinters and edges that could snag fabric. You can paint them but using a wood stain that brings out the original grain of the wood will get you the most rustic feel.

Attach the crates to the wall using metal brackets, making sure they are secure to hold the amount of weight you intend to display in them. Once they’re up, decorate with your favorite accessories and other rustic decor.

Wire Spool End Table

Wire and cable spools can make excellent tables when you stand them up on their sides. All they need is a bit of DIY upgrading. Similarly to the previous projects, you’ll need to sand all the surfaces diligently. You’ll also want to carefully inspect for any nails or staples that might be embedded in the wood before you get started on sanding. Using a hand sander, sand the sides and top surface to your desired smoothness. Add a stain for aesthetic but also to protect the wood surface from use. A protective stain will help you avoid the dreaded moisture rings from cups and glasses when you forget a coaster!

These are just a few DIY ideas for making your own rustic style decor. There are a ton of possibilities for those willing to do the work, especially with reclaimed wood. No matter what you create, handmade furnishings and decorative items will go a long way in developing your own rustic interior design style.

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